How to Exploit the Space on Your Mezzanine?

pallet rack mezzanine

pallet rack mezzanine

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An excellent solution for you is to install a pallet rack mezzanine structure.

Mezzanines, if you exploit the space properly, can double the current floor space to create room for extra storage, a hand packing section, or even administrative offices.

The Access Points

When you buy a pallet rack mezzanine online, they most likely don’t come with stairs or lifts.

To make the space easily accessible, create wooden steps, or metal stairs and lifts for heavy items.

Make the steps rough by using a woven rug to prevent accidents caused by slippery steps.

If possible, make the access points just fitting to prevent wasting the potential storage space.

The Individual Units

What seems to be the most dysfunctional unit in your warehouse? Are the offices too cramped? Would moving them to a mezzanine ease the congestion?

Asking yourself such questions help you determine the type of mezzanine best suited to your warehouse.

Once you have the right type, you can arrange it to fit your needs.

Organize the Current Space Available   

A mezzanine might not be effective if the available space in the warehouse is poorly organized.  Create more warehouse space by adding decking, moving a few beams, utilizing the empty aisle space, or even re-arranging your back-to-back racks to accommodate a deck.

Similarly, within the mezzanine, find the most effective storage additions.

This, of course, depends on the type of goods you’re storing.

For example, double deep racking increase storage area while minimizing the total space occupied. Narrow the aisles where possible, it’s a store, not a dancing arena.

If your alternative space-saving method doesn’t affect flow patterns and sales performance, you will be fine.

Finally, work on the other areas such as your inventory management plan and the existing flow systems. These affect how you store and retrieve commodities, and they will eventually determine the mezzanine layout plan. The smoother the other operations are, the easier it is for you to customize your mezzanine effectively.

In Conclusion

Whichever pallet rack mezzanine you invest in, consider your future needs.

Will your business be the same way as it is today? Or will you introduce new diverse products of different weights and shapes?

This information helps you to assess your warehouse for potential reconfiguration.

Mezzanines are not always that flexible or accommodating so; you shouldn’t buy a pallet rack mezzanine online if you’ll only use it for a few months.

If this is the case, then get a customized structure instead.

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