How Can an Investment Fraud Attorney Help to Recover Your Securities Losses

Investment Fraud Attorney

What is an Investment Fraud Attorney?

An Investment Fraud attorney typically helps people who have lost money because of intentional deceptive, misleading, untrue, fictitious and illegal activity committed by a stockbroker, investment company or regular person who takes that money and invests it in their illegal scheme. Investment Fraud Attorneys can go to Court and sue in State or Federal Court. The Investment Fraud Attorneys are able to recognize and investigate the issues of your case.  These attorneys are expertly trained, highly experienced and dedicated to deal with complicated issues that can arise from these pursuing these types of lawsuits.

How can an Investment Fraud Attorney Help You?

If you feel you might have been the victim of investment fraud, you should contact an investment fraud attorney that will evaluate your recovery options. In order to be able to do that, an attorney will ask you specific questions about the type of investment, the date of investment, the name of the stock broker (if the investment was recommended by one), and other relevant questions that can help the investment fraud attorney’s investigation of your particular case.

An Investment Fraud Attorney may try and help you recover losses no matter what type of investment scheme is involved. There are many types of fraudulent activities, and they can affect all kinds of investments. The types of investments can include stock, bonds, notes, mutual funds, commodities, currency or even real estate.

Investment Fraud Attorneys

The fraudulent activity may present itself in the form of embezzlement, insider trading, Ponzi schemes, telemarketer fraud, accounting fraud, churning, blind pools, Nigerian letter schemes, Estate financing fraud, Timeshare fraud, Dummy corporations, Boiler Rooms, Mutual Fund Fraud, Short Selling Abuse and Internet Pump and Dump Schemes.

What Laws can be used to recover losses from investment fraud?

There are many laws that Investment Fraud Attorneys can sue for.  Some of those types of litigation involve the Securities Act of 1993, Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Trust Indenture Act of 1939, Investment Company Act of 1940, Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 and Jumpstart Our Business Startsups Act of 2012. 

A skilled Investment Fraud Attorney will know how to go after the company or person that has taken money, stock, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, currency or real estate from you. It is important to note that experienced Investment Fraud Attorneys can file a lawsuit in State, Federal Court or arbitration resulting in Compensation, Restitution, and even Punitive Damages for the people or company that stole from you.

How Can I tell If I need an Investment Fraud Attorney

The stark reality is investment fraud can look perfectly legitimate in all ordinary ways. Most of the time, investors realize they are victims of a fraudulent scheme months or even years after they made their initial investments. Here are some examples of situations when you should contact an investment fraud attorney:

  •   You were promised high returns with little or no risk and you bought the stocks and now you lost all of your money;
  •   You invested your money on a hot tip given to you by your stock broker and but instead of high returns your investment lost all its value
  •   You were pressured to buy by your financial advisor and you lost all your money or most of your investment
  •   You can’t find the person you invested with or you realize they gave you false account statements. 

If you think something is not right it probably isn’t.  Did you invest your money and then search on the FINRA website for the investor’s qualifications only to find out they lied to you and do not have a license or worse, they are barred from handling investments because they cheated people.  You may need to speak with an Investment Fraud Attorney.

Don’t be afraid or intimidated, call an Investment Fraud Attorney and ask questions.  They are there to help recover financial losses.

Questions to ask before contacting an Investment Fraud Attorney

Do you feel like you were scammed or given bad advice? Have you lost a significant amount of your investment? Did your stock broker promise you a higher return or you would make lots of money? Do you believe your stock broker or investment banker is not licensed? Do you feel that you were pressured to buy stocks or any type of investment? Did you try to contact your investment advisor and they never call you back? Did you try to get a statement from your investment advisor and you can’t? Did your stock broker or investment advisor invest your money or trade it without your knowledge or permission? Did your investment advisor open new accounts in your name without your knowledge or permission? Did your stockbroker or investment advisor tell you the investment was safe and you would not lose any money? Have you asked yourself any of these questions? Do you feel like you need answers, you have tried to contact your stock broker or investment advisor with no real answer.  You may need to get an Investment Fraud Attorney Now.

This blog does not offer any legal advice. Investors who believe they lost money as a result of fraud should contact an attorney for an evaluation of their particular legal situation.

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