Four Most Popular Contact Lens Brands

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While there’s certainly a large percentage of individuals in the world who wear prescription glasses, there’s an equally large percentage of individuals that choose to wear contact lenses. After all, there are a plethora of different reasons as to why wearing contact lenses are preferred. One such reason is that contact lenses don’t get in the way of outdoor activities. Hence, if you’re an active person, contact lenses would be ideal for you. Contact lenses are also convenient, and you can easily order contacts online.

If you’re new to contact lenses, choosing a suitable brand of contact lenses can be overwhelming. You want to ensure the contact lenses you’re wearing are comfortable and suited to your eye condition. Before deciding, researching the different brands of contact lenses online will allow you to be more confident about your purchase. To help you with your research, below are the four most popular contact lens brands.


ACUVUE is currently one of the most popular contact lens brands worn by individuals worldwide. While ACUVUE carries the standard contact lenses for individuals with astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia, they also carry contact lenses that improve your natural eye radiance. ACUVUE also pride themselves in being the only brand with an internationally recognized standard of UV protection across all their contact lenses.


At AIR OPTIX, they specialize in contact lenses with a special type of technology called SmartShield. This technology features contact lenses with an ultra-thin layer to protect your eye from external deposits. It also helps to maintain moisture so that your lens surface is sufficiently hydrated and facilitates breathability. They offer a total of six different product types including colored contact lenses and lenses you can wear while sleeping.


DAILIES is another reputable brand with a variety of contact lenses. Their product line focuses on contact lenses you can replace every day. They have a total of five different products that are suited to different eye conditions. These products include contact lenses with water gradient technology for extra comfort and toric contact lenses with additional moisturizing for astigmatism.

Cooper Vision

CooperVision has been around for over 20 years and carries a wide array of products. Their range of products includes daily disposable contact lenses, monthly replacement lenses and lenses with silicone hydrogel material for all-day comfort. Their lenses are also optimized with technology and are uniquely designed to allow excellent visual activity and a better fit.

With so many contact lens brands available, it may take time for you to find the perfect contact lenses. As purchasing the right pair of contact lenses is a long-term investment, you want to select a brand that not only provides you with the best lenses for your vision condition but are also comfortable and long-lasting.

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